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Week 14 - 20 February

Monday Lesson:

Estimating Solutions to Equations From Graphs

Lesson Notes


Tuesday Lesson:

Estimating Solutions to Equations From Graphs 2

Lesson Notes

Algebraic Proof 1

Lesson Notes


Wednesday Lesson:

Algebraic Proof 2

Lesson Notes and Homework

Homework is Q18, Q20, Q22, Q24 to be found in the lesson notes and completed for Friday.

Homework Solutions


Friday Lesson:

Completing The Square Revisited

We studied Completing the Square last week and I included a video lesson with lesson notes, exercise and solutions as an optional extra. Since few of you did well on the homework on this topic we will use today's lesson to consolidate and learn to solve equations with this method. Please watch the video, print the lesson notes and complete the two associated exercises. Each time you complete a question mark it straight away from the solutions provided. Look to learn from your mistakes.

Video Lesson (31 Min)

Video Lesson Notes

Exercise and Solutions


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