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Tuesday 18 January

Indices 2

Lesson Notes and Homework

Homework is to make sure you have marked questions 1 to 10 and completed all parts of questions 11 - 14.

Due for next Monday 24 January.

Monday 10 January

Intro to Indices

Lesson Notes

Tuesday 04 January

Plotting Straight Line Graphs

Lesson Notes

Monday 13 December

Rounding Recap

Lesson Notes

Straight Lines Recap

Lesson Notes

Tuesday 07 December

Coordinates and The Straight Line

Lesson Notes

Rounding Homework

Please complete the homework below and hand in at our lesson on Tuesday 7 December.

Rounding Homework

Monday 29 November

Rounding and Error Intervals

Lesson Notes

Tuesday 23 November

Rounding to Significant Figures

Lesson Notes

Monday 15 November

Rounding to Decimal Places

Lesson Notes

Tuesday 09 November

Assessment 1


Monday 01 November

Mixed Number Division

Lesson Notes

Tuesday 19 October

Mixed Number Multiplication

Lesson Notes

Monday 11 October

Mixed Number Addition & Subtraction Recap

Lesson Notes

Tuesday 5 October

Fractions - Finding, Multiplying and Dividing

Lesson Notes

Monday 27 September

Mixed Number Arithmetic

Addition and Subtraction

Lesson Notes and Homework

Tuesday 21 September

Fractions - Equivalence, Addition and Subtraction

Lesson Notes

Monday 13 September

Prime Factors, HCFs, LCMs

Lesson Notes

Tuesday 7 September

Factors, Multiples, Primes

Lesson Notes


Rules of Indices

Mixed Number Multiplication and Division

Video Lesson (12 Mins)

Video Lesson Notes

Video Lesson Exercise

Mixed Number Addition and Subtraction

Fractions - Equivalence, Addition & Subtraction

Video Lesson (24 mins)

Lesson Notes Transcript

Prime Factors, HCFs, LCMs