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11CM1 Worksheet Schedule


Date Due Worksheet Solutions               Video Mark Scheme
 Money - problem solving 1 Solutions                Video Mark Scheme
 Money - problem solving 2Solutions                VideoMark Scheme
 Trigonometry & Pythagoras 1Solutions                VideoMark Scheme
 Linear Equations 1Solutions                VideoMark Scheme
 Rules of IndicesSolutions                VideoMark Scheme
 Measures - problem solving 1Solutions                VideoMark Scheme
  Algebraic Fractions 1 Solutions                VideoMark Scheme
 Trigonometry & Pythagoras 2Solutions                VideoMark Scheme
 SurdsSolutions                VideoMark Scheme
 Time - problem solvingSolutions                VideoMark Scheme
 Standard Form 1Solutions                VideoMark Scheme
 Sequences 1Solutions                Mark Scheme
 Cumulative FrequencySolutions                Mark Scheme
 Stem Leaf DiagramsSolutions                Mark Scheme
 VectorsSolutionsMark Scheme
 Circle TheoremsSolutionsMark Scheme




Weekly Routine

Throughout the autumn term some of your maths homework will not be based on topics we are currently studying in class. Instead, it will be on topics we have covered during Year 10.

Each week you will need to print off a worksheet, use your notes to help you complete it, and hand it in during our Monday lesson.

Each worksheet will be 25-30 marks from real exam questions and is likely to take at least 30 mins to complete. 

Worksheets will be published in advance for those wishing to work ahead.