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Simultaneous Linear Quations

For tomorrow please complete the three questions you copied from the boards.

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Rearranging Formulae

For Friday 6 October, please complete this Rearranging Formulae exercise and self mark from the solutions provided.

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Weekly Worksheet: Rules of Indices

For next Monday 25 September, please complete and hand in Rules of Indices

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Compound Measures

Please complete the first 4 questions from Exercise 22.1A for next Tuesday 19 September.

The questions have been scanned and emailed to you in a class email.

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Weekly Worksheet - Linear Equations 1

Please print off and complete Linear Equations 1 for Monday 18 September.

For most of this term you will have a weekly worksheet to complete and hand in on a Monday. I will mark and return it to you the following Friday.

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Circle Theorems

For Monday 11 September, please complete the 12 circle problems you were working on in class. A scan of them has been emailed to you.

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Becoming An Effective Learner

You had the opportunity to watch these videos last September. However, I believe you need to watch them more than once to take all the advice on board.

Professor Stephen Chew is a cognitive psychologist from Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama. In 2011, he recorded five short videos (each 5 - 9 minutes long) to help students become more effective learners. They contain a whole range of dos and don'ts together with practical suggestions you can adopt to improve your learning. Below are direct links to each video. As an alternative you can log on to Youtube and type in 'Stephen Chew'

How to get the most out of studying (Part 1)  (6:54)

How to get the most out of studying (Part 2)  (7:15)

How to get the most out of studying (Part 3)  (5:46)

How to get the most out of studying (Part 4)  (9:17)

How to get the most out of studying (Part 5)  (7:29)

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