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Week 18 - 24 October

Week 11 - 17 October

Tuesday Lesson:

Non-Linear Simultaneous Equations

Exam Questions

Classwork Solutions


Wednesday Lesson:

Non-Linear Simultaneous Equations 2

Homework : Q7, Q8, Q9, Q10, Q12 from exam questions above.

Hand in on Friday - Full solutions will be posted once homework handed in.

Full Solutions to Non-Linear Simultaneous Equations Homework

Friday Lesson:

Cancelled For House Music 

Week 04 - 10 October

Tuesday Lesson:

Quadratic Exam Questions

Lesson Notes

Odd numbers working together.

Even numbers working independently and to be handed in.

Full solutions to all questions

Week 27 Sep - 03 Oct

Tuesday Lesson:

Quadratic Formula and Discriminant

Lesson Notes


Wednesday Lesson:

Quadratic Graphs and Equations

Lesson Notes


Friday Lesson:

Inequalities - Linear and Quadratic

Lesson Notes and Homework

Week 20 - 26 September

Tuesday Lesson:

Mixed Exercise 1

End of Chapter 1 mixed exercise completed in class and handed in for marking.

Week 13 - 19 September

Tuesday Lesson:

Algebraic Expressions 1

Lesson Notes and Homework


Wednesday Lesson:

Factorising and Indices

Lesson Notes


Friday Lesson:


Lesson Notes an Homework

Week 06 - 12 September

Tuesday Lesson:

Completing the Square

Lesson Notes

Video Lesson (31 mins)

Completing the Square Lesson Notes Transcript

Completing the Square Exercise and Solution


For Tuesday 14 September please watch the video lessons on Rules of Indices and Surds. Printout the lesson notes, complete and self-mark the associated exercises using the solutions provided.

L65M Homework & Revision

October Half Term Homework

We have a two week gap between lessons over the half term break. This is an opportunity to sharpen your algebra skills. Here are three short video lessons with associated exercises and full solutions. Please print off the lesson notes, work through the exercises and use the solutions provided to self-mark your work.

Algebraic Multiplication and Division

Video Lesson (13 Mins):

Algebraic Multiplication and Division Lesson Notes 

Algebraic Multiplication and Division Exercise and Solutions


Factor and Remainder Theorems

Video Lesson (24 Mins):

Factor and Remainder Theorems Lesson Notes

Factor and Remainder Theorems Exercise and Solutions


Rearranging Formulae

Video Lesson (23 Mins)

Rearranging Formulae Lesson Notes

Rearranging Formulae Exercise and Solutions

Non-Linear Simultaneous Equations

More homework for week beginning 4 October. Please watch video lesson, print off lesson notes, complete and self-mark exercise.

Video Lesson (23 min)

Non-Linear Simultaneous Equations Lesson Notes

Non-Linear Simultaneous Equations Exercise and Solutions

Simultaneous Linear Equations

Homework for week beginning 4 October:

Print off notes, complete and self-mark exercise, watching video lesson if necessary.

Video Lesson (18 mins)

Simultaneous Linear Equations Lesson Notes

Simultaneous Linear Equations Exercise and Solutions

Exploring Functions Homework


Rules of Indices