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Distance -Time Graphs

Lesson Objective:

To be able to draw and interpret distance -time graphs

Intro to Mechanics

Lesson Objective:

To be able to recognise the key SUVAT equations

Graph Transformations

Lesson Objectives:

To be able to recognise the transformation of graphs of functions associated with:

  • Translations
  • Stretches
  • Reflections

Equations and Inequalities


Consolidation - working through Mixed Exercise 3.

Inequalities and Intersections

Lesson Objectives:

To be able to:

  • Solve non-linear simultaneous equations
  • Identify regions between lines and curves


Lesson Objective:

To be able to solve both linear and quadratic inequalities.

Quadratic Problem Solving

Lesson Objective:

As yesterday - Mixed Exercise 2

Quadratic Problem Solving

Lesson Objective:

To be able to solve problems based on use of a quadratic function.


Working through the odd numbers of Exercise 2G on Page 32.

Simultaneous Linear Equations

Lesson Objectives:

To be able to solve simultaneous equations using the elimination method.

For equations presented as ax + by = c

Home Support: HAS6 - Simultaneous Linear Equations


Linear and Quadratic Inequalities

Lesson Objectives:

To be able to solve:

  • Linear inequalities.
  • Quadratic inequalities.

Quadratic Formula and Discriminant

Lesson Objectives:

To be able to:

  • Use the quadratic formula to solve a quadratic equation giving roots as decimals or surds
  • Know that the discriminant of a quadratic expression is b2 - 4ac
  • Use the discriminant to determine how many roots a quadratic equation has.

Completing the Square

Lesson Objectives:

To be able to:

  • Complete the square for y =  ax2 + bx + c 
  • Identify the line of symmetry for the graph of this function
  • Identify the coordinates of the graph turning point

For a = 1, a = a positive integer, a = a negative integer

Home Support: themathsteacher - Completing the square

Desmos Graphing Utility

It is well worth downloading the free app Desmos onto your smartphone. Once downloaded it is a stand alone graphing utility that can be used without internet access.

The software cannot be downloaded to a computer but can be run on-line at

Solving Quadratic Equations by Factorising

Lesson Objectives:

1.     To be able to solve equations of the form x2 + 5x + 6 = 0 by factorising.

2.     To be able solve equations of the form 2x2 + 11x + 5 = 0 by factorising.


Home Support:

themathsteacher - HA2 Quadratic equations by factorising (1)

themathsteacher - HA3 Quadratic equtions by factorising (2)

Edexcel AS Mathematics Specification

Edexcel AS Mathematics Specification

This document determines our work between Sep 17 - May 18.


Graph Transformations

For Monday 16 October please complete the first and last parts of each question of Exercise 4A on pages 62-63.

Equations and Inequalities

For Tuesday 10 October, please complete odd numbers of Mixed Exercise 3 from Q5 to Q13

Inequalities and Intersections

For Monday, please complete Q1, Q2 and Q3 of Mixed Exercise 3.

Rearranging Formulae

For Wednesday 4 Oct please complete and self-mark:

If you need help please watch video lesson and/or print lesson notes on Rearranging Formulae

Quadratic Problem Solving

Mixed Exercise 2

Please complete and hand in next Monday 2 October:

Question 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Quadratic Problem Solving

For tomorrow Tue 26 September: 

  • Please finish off odd numbers of Exercise 2G on Page 32
  • Also do Q1 and Q3 of Exercise 2H on Page 34.

Non-Linear Simultaneous Equations

For next Monday please:

Quadratic Equations and Quadratic Functions

Please complete and hand in on Monday 18 September:

Solve by factorising:

1.     x2 - 7x - 8 = 0

2.     x2 + x - 12 = 0

3.    3x2  + 11x + 6 = 0

4.   10x2 - 9x - 7 = 0

Complete the square, sketch graphs showing line of symmetry and coordinates of max or min point:

5.    y = x2 + 8x - 7

6.    y = 3x2 - 15x + 8

7.    y = -2x2 + 6x - 1

Solve using the quadratic formula giving roots to 3 sig fig:

8.   2x2 - 5x - 4 = 0

9.   3x2 + 8x + 4 = 0

10.  State the values of the discriminants in Q8 and Q9


Completing the Square

For Friday 15 September, please complete this exercise and self mark from the solutions provided.

If you require extra help a video lesson and lesson notes can be found on themathsteacher under Completing the Square

Quadratic Factorising and Learning to Study

For next Monday, please complete and self-mark from the solutions provided:

Exercise on Factorising

Also watch the second of Professor Stephen Chew's videos from the links below.

Becoming an Effective Learner

This advice contained in these 5 short videos can help you to improve your study skills in all your subjects at both A-level and at university. We will watch them in class and talk about them in September. However, I believe you need to watch them more than once to take all the advice on board.

Professor Stephen Chew is a cognitive psychologist from Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama. In 2011, he recorded five short videos (each 5 - 9 minutes long) to help students become more effective learners. They contain a whole range of dos and don'ts together with practical suggestions you can adopt to improve your learning. Below are direct links to each video. As an alternative you can log on to Youtube and type in 'Stephen Chew'

How to get the most out of studying (Part 1)  (6:54)

How to get the most out of studying (Part 2)  (7:15)

How to get the most out of studying (Part 3)  (5:46)

How to get the most out of studying (Part 4)  (9:17)

How to get the most out of studying (Part 5)  (7:29)