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Week 14 - 20 February

Monday Lesson:


Elevations Questions

Elevations Solutions


Tuesday Lesson:

Review of Higher Tier Jun 17 Paper 3

Exam Paper Solutions


Wednesday Lesson:

Inequalities Revision

Lesson Notes

Prime Factors, HCFs and LCMs Revision

Lesson Notes

Homework on Prime Factors, /HCFs and LCMs. Complete this exercise and self mark from the solutions provided.


Friday Lesson:

Pythagoras and Basic Trigonometry Revision

Please complete and self mark the following exercises on Pythagoras and Basic Trigonometry. As you complete each question mark it straight away so you can learn from your mistakes.

Pythagoras Exercise and Solutions

Basic Trigonometry Exercises and Solutions 

If you need extra help then video lessons on these two topics were posted on the Homework side of this web page on 8 September and 11 September.

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