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Week 13 - 19 September

Monday Lesson:

Trig Finding Angles & Difference of Two Squares

Lesson Notes

Homework for Wednesday 15 September.

Complete and self mark from the solutions provided:

Trigonometry Exercise and Solutions


Tuesday Lesson:

Simultaneous Linear Equations 1

Lesson Notes

Homework for Monday 20 September.

Print off your notes Graphical Solution to Simultaneous Equations

Use the online software to solve the 5 questions on fact sheet.


Wednesday Lesson:

Simultaneous Equations 2

IT failure so no lesson notes. However, video lesson and notes available:

Video (18 mins)

Simultaneous Equations Lesson Notes Transcript


Friday Lesson:

May 2017 Foundation Tier Paper 1

Grade 5 - 53/80.  Grade 4 - 41/80.  Grade 3 - 30/80.


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