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Critical Path Analysis

Lesson Objectives For Topic:

To be able to:

  • Draw an activity on arc diagram from predecessor table.
  • Carry out forward and backward passes to identify early start and late finish times.
  • Identify minimum project completion time and critical activities.
  • Calculate float - total, independent and interfering.
  • Draw cascade charts and resource histograms.
  • Crash networks when constraints are varied.

Intro to Critical Path Analysis

Lesson Objectives:

To be able to:

  • Draw an activity on arc diagram for a precedence table.
  • Carry out a forward pass to identify earliest start times.
  • Carry out a backward pass to identify latest finish times.
  • Identify the minimum project duration.
  • Identify the set of critical activities.



Final lesson on harder Core 3 Calculus problems

Coursework - Rearrangement Method

Lesson Objective:

To be able to apply the rearrangement method to solve a cubic equation. 

Integration by Parts

Lesson Objective:

To be able to perform indefinite integration using the technique of integration by parts.


We will spend half the lesson reviewing exemplar coursework.

Integration - Trigonometric Functions

Lesson Objective:

To be able to integrate trigonometric functions using substitutions where necessary.

Exercise 5c

Exercise 5c solutions


Lesson Objectives:

To be able to:

  • Perform integrations involving exponentials.
  • Perform integrations resulting in logarithms.

Exercise 5b

Exercise 5b solutions (1-10)

Integration by Substitution

Lesson Objectives:

To be able to use substitutions to perform integration to:

  • find indefinite integrals
  • calculate definite integrals

Support: integration by substitution

Finalised Exam Dates May/June 2018

Finalised dates for your exams next summer:

Decision 1   Wed 13  June am

Core 3          Tue  19  June pm

Core 4          Fri    22  June am


Finalised exam dates for modules you may choose to re-sit:

Core 1          Wed 16 May am

Statistics 1   Wed 23 May am

Core 2          Wed   6 June am


Integration by Parts

For Wednesday 20 September, please watch lesson on Integration by Parts and print out the lesson notes for your file.

Integration by Substitution

For Tuesday12 September, please complete Questions 1, 2 and 3 of Exercise 5A.

Questions scanned and emailed to you if you do not have textbook.

Self mark from my solutions.

Becoming An Effective Learner

You had the opportunity to watch these videos last September. However, I believe you need to watch them more than once to take all the advice on board.

Professor Stephen Chew is a cognitive psychologist from Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama. In 2011, he recorded five short videos (each 5 - 9 minutes long) to help students become more effective learners. They contain a whole range of dos and don'ts together with practical suggestions you can adopt to improve your learning. Below are direct links to each video. As an alternative you can log on to Youtube and type in 'Stephen Chew'

How to get the most out of studying (Part 1)  (6:54)

How to get the most out of studying (Part 2)  (7:15)

How to get the most out of studying (Part 3)  (5:46)

How to get the most out of studying (Part 4)  (9:17)

How to get the most out of studying (Part 5)  (7:29)