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Critical Path Analysis

Lesson Objectives For Topic:

To be able to:

  • Draw an activity on arc diagram from predecessor table.
  • Carry out forward and backward passes to identify early start and late finish times.
  • Identify minimum project completion time and critical activities.
  • Calculate float - total, independent and interfering.
  • Draw cascade charts and resource histograms.
  • Crash networks when constraints are varied.

Intro to Critical Path Analysis

Lesson Objectives:

To be able to:

  • Draw an activity on arc diagram for a precedence table.
  • Carry out a forward pass to identify earliest start times.
  • Carry out a backward pass to identify latest finish times.
  • Identify the minimum project duration.
  • Identify the set of critical activities.



Final lesson on harder Core 3 Calculus problems

Coursework - Rearrangement Method

Lesson Objective:

To be able to apply the rearrangement method to solve a cubic equation. 

Integration by Parts

Lesson Objective:

To be able to perform indefinite integration using the technique of integration by parts.


We will spend half the lesson reviewing exemplar coursework.

Integration - Trigonometric Functions

Lesson Objective:

To be able to integrate trigonometric functions using substitutions where necessary.

Exercise 5c

Exercise 5c solutions


Lesson Objectives:

To be able to:

  • Perform integrations involving exponentials.
  • Perform integrations resulting in logarithms.

Exercise 5b

Exercise 5b solutions (1-10)

Integration by Substitution

Lesson Objectives:

To be able to use substitutions to perform integration to:

  • find indefinite integrals
  • calculate definite integrals

Support: integration by substitution

Finalised Exam Dates May/June 2018

Finalised dates for your exams next summer:

Decision 1   Wed 13  June am

Core 3          Tue  19  June pm

Core 4          Fri    22  June am


Finalised exam dates for modules you may choose to re-sit:

Core 1          Wed 16 May am

Statistics 1   Wed 23 May am

Core 2          Wed   6 June am