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Mock Preparation - Matrices

Edexcel Topic Test - Q9 is the only example of forming and solving a system of equations

Matrices Topic Test Questions

Matrices Topic Test Solutions

Matrices Topic Test Mark Scheme

See Core Pure Maths Book 1 Matrices Mixed Exercise 6 pages 121-123

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Mock Preparation - Induction

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Mock Preparation - Polar Coordinates

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Mock Preparation - Standard Calculus

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Mock Preparation - Complex Numbers

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Mock Preparation - Vectors

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Mock Preparation - Hyperbolic Functions

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Edexcel FP2 2008 Diff Eqns

Alternate questions on the Edexcel FP2 papers seem to be on Differential Equations.

Question 9 is not about solving one but about substituting in one to derive a power series of the form:

y - a0 + a1x + a2x2 + a3x3 +.............

Questions       Solutions       Mark Scheme

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Complex Series

Finish MEI questions and Exercise 1E.

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Complex - De Moivre

Finish all Q1 of Exercise 1D

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Maclaurin Series

Spend 30 minutes on CPM Book2 Page 43 Exercise 2C.

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Series - Higher Derivatives

CPM Book 2 Page 39 Exercise 2B

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