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For tomorrow, please finish Q4 and Q5 which were emailed to you.

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Corrections to Mock Set 3 Paper 1

Please review the corrections you did for Q1 to Q11 against my solutions.

If you wish to do the paper again in the future here is a question paper.

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Coordinate Geometry - Straight Line

This week please complete this exercise and self mark from the solutions provided at the end of the exercise.

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Quadratic Inequalities

For tomorrow, please complete the five questions emailed to you.

Also attached here

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Linear Inequalities

For Monday please complete the first two parts of each question on the two text book pages sent out as a class email.

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Becoming An Effective Learner

Professor Stephen Chew is a cognitive psychologist from Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama. In 2011, he recorded five short videos (each 5 - 9 minutes long) to help students become more effective learners. They contain a whole range of dos and don'ts together with practical suggestions you can adopt to improve your learning. Below are direct links to each video. As an alternative you can log on to Youtube and type in 'Stephen Chew'

How to get the most out of studying (Part 1)  (6:54)

How to get the most out of studying (Part 2)  (7:15)

How to get the most out of studying (Part 3)  (5:46)

How to get the most out of studying (Part 4)  (9:17)

How to get the most out of studying (Part 5)  (7:29)

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